UP - Universelle Fördertechnik GmbH

Development, manufacture and installation
of materials handling solutions


Customer requirements

That fact that our products and system solutions meet the defined customer requirements, function technologically soundly and comply with the respective safety regulations and general provisions is a matter of course for us.

With this, we rely on controllable and basic technology.

In order to also meet the high level of responsibility that we impose upon ourselves and to ensure quality and functionality, which are an absolute obligation for us, we rely on direct contact with our customers, analyse the task and develop an economically favourable and controllable solution in this manner.

Business partners

Our business partners include our customers, suppliers and our production operations, which are certified according to ISO 9001 and are extremely reliable.

Together, it has so far always been possible to find an economically favourable and controllable solution for our customers.


In nearly 30 years of international activity, we have correspondingly been able to acquire the necessary market, technical and product knowledge. This enables us to respond to our customers requirements in a technically competent, flexible and open manner, to engage in discussions and thereby always find an economically favourable and controllable solution.


After-sales service, even after delivery and installation of our products and systems, is a MUST for us and is therefore a matter of course.

With our local presence in Shanghai, China and our native and German employees, we are available to our customers upon request or as "trouble-shooters" at any time.

Conveyance technology

We have been conveyance technicians with an international orientation for nearly 30 years. With this statement, we intend to express perfectly clearly that CONVEYANCE TECHNOLOGY of all types is our core expertise and has therefore become a controllable, daily part of our work.

Sales strategy

During the course of the previous activities, we observed and experienced many sales and distribution strategies, which must be specifically restructured and adapted to our Chinese customers.

One of our core philosophies is: The offering and delivery of German technology at a price that approaches the local level.

Thinking further, we also intend to improve, further expand and adapt the after-sales area to local conditions through our local presence in China.