UP - Universelle Fördertechnik GmbH

With UP monorail overhead conveyor technology, you literally move your conveyance goods at the highest level, namely where this technology belongs - below the ceiling.

Monorail overhead conveyor technology

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There, our monorail overhead conveyor technology is responsible for the transportation, sorting, storing, buffering and providing of the components. Hall levels are therefore fully retained and usable for production.

Switching points in the course of the line determine the route of the monorail overhead conveyor with the components and at the input/output positions, belt lifters ensure the feeding or removal of the components to/from the production lines.

We differentiate according to load capacity between Systems 180 and 240. System 180 is used for load capacities up to 2000 kg and on a case-by-case review, System 240 is used for higher load capacities.

Our monorail overhead conveyor technology is characterised by its high availability, technically faultless appearance and easy maintenance.

Monorail overhead conveyors are mainly used in production systems, painting systems, engine transport, car body transport and assembly lines.

Transport speeds are realised according to customer requirements.

Monorail overhead conveyor - delivery programme

  • Monorail overhead chassis in welded version
  • Load-handling equipment for components
  • Track system made of aluminium extruded profiles
  • +/- 20mm adjustable suspending brackets
  • Switching points and rotating points
  • Switching carriages
  • Belt lifters
  • Converters
  • Diagnosis stations
  • Maintenance zones
  • Drag chain conveyors for assembly lines
  • Special equipment